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More details about our Sports Tours

Arrive with your own team to play

or watch the professionals.

At all levels, sports can be an ambassador of goodwill, cultural enrichment and understanding, and generally a great way to travel and meet people. Whether you want to come with your team and test your skills against foreign opposition or let others do the work while you just watch the professionals, we can design some great programmes for you.

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Itineraries within our Sports Tours are Samples Only. Your group determines how long the tour takes and where you go.

Check here to view the complete sample itineraries. Please contact us for pricing information. We can certainly assist when it comes to well known events associated with Football, Rugby, Tennis, F1 Motor Sport, Golf and Cricket and the more unusual including marbles, hen racing, bog snorkelling, shin kicking and lawn mower racing!

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We consult with you for the right mix

of venues for your group.

At Select Travel we have been working with fans from many countries and all ages for over 50 years, if it is for a group of 15 or more people then we can normally help with any sport you are interested in. Please note that we do not provide tickets only but do provide tickets in combination with other elements such as private transportation, private receptions, hotel accommodation, professional tour managers, admission to attractions etc.

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We will provide ground support

every step of the way.

Select’s offices are deeply rooted in everything from Spanish soccer and Italian basketball to English rugby and cricket. We also welcome some of the more exotic sport teams such as lacrosse, American football, netball, lawn bowls plus ice and field hockey. We ensure your fixtures are against compatible opposition and we organise pre and post match hospitality for those valuable cultural immersion opportunities. Coaching sessions with locals, training facilities for visiting teams are provided as are visits to the great ‘Cathedrals’ of sport - the new Wembley Stadium, Old Trafford, Twickenham, Lords, and Wimbledon. For those wishing to also take in a professional event, we can obtain tickets for most with sufficient notice.

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